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Hello Gentlemen,

“On behalf of the Development staff (and me), we would like to express our immense appreciation. These invites look BEAUTIFUL and the fold is spot on. Thank you so much for your continued professionalism, consistency, patience and understanding. Please thank Orna as well, she was very helpful, super nice and extremely easy to work with.



“We received the brochures on Friday, and I want to tell you how thoroughly happy we are with them! I’ve been hearing a lot of “I love it!”s from the staff here, and have no doubt the reaction will be just as positive from the employers we share it with. Thank you both for everything you’ve done to take this project from scratch to the beautiful finished product it’s become – we literally could not have done it without you.”
Good Morning Lily,

“Thanks for the prompt response.

I’d like to say that I work with A LOT of vendors printers, mail houses, photographers, designers and NOBODY has been as responsive as you have been. You’ve proven yourself to be a very reliable and customer friendly business and I’m sure you’ll attend to the finished product and delivery with as much detail as you do in your customer service. Kudos to you and Three Star Offset Printing!”

Director of Advancement Communications Stony Brook University

Thank you Three Star Printing for all your efforts. You guys go the extra mile to ensure the best quality. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming 2014 business year. You guys are the best!
Hi Orna,

“One of the most valuable tools an art director can have at their disposal is a knowledgeable and experienced high quality printer. I can’t tell you how many times over the year I’ve been able to avoid costly problems before they become an issue thanks to Three Star’s conscientious pre-press department. They don’t just want to print your job, they want to see it turn out as well as it possibly can. They are meticulous about every aspect from printing to finishing to delivery and will go that extra mile so that you get what you want and it delivered on-time!”

I am at Behind the Book today and seeing the newsletters and envelopes for the first time. They look great! The director is very happy and she wants to work with you again in the future. She loved your quick turnaround and your price fit within their nonprofit budget.
“Three Star Offset Printing has been serving the trade for many years. Their staff works very hard and in a timely manner in informing their clients regarding their specs and in scheduling production. Their quality and prices are exceptional.

Working with Three Star Offset Printing has always been a positive experience.

They receive an A+ in our books.”

The referral list is just stunning! Thank you so much for the price break and the extra copies. Your idea for the extra pages for notes and more orders was excellent. As usual you’re a doll to work with!
Your booklet “The Busy Executives Guide to Creative Printing” is very interesting.

Could you please send us about 100 for our students?

Thank you!

I wish to express my thanks to you and your staff for your kind assistance in expediting the handling of my order for Castilian Heights Apartments.

The printing was of excellent quality, as always, and your preparation and delivery of the order within the difficult time framework I requested was most appreciated.

Thank you once again for your excellent services.

Printing services by Three Star Offset Printing offer a unique combination of award winning creative with robust production capabilities which make us a true one-stop shop for our clients. If you expect top-of-the-line services, then Three Star Printing is for you. Our clients have nothing but amazing things to say about us.
Congratulations on your excellent “The Busy Executive’s Guide to Creative Printing.” This is an extremely informative promotional piece that provides all kinds of useful information.

As one who judges a large number of national publication contests and conducts workshops for people learning to prepare effective publications, I found the information extremely useful. We would certainly be able to put about 200 copies of this to good use. They would be distributed to people who are looking for printing all over the country.

Congratulations on an extremely well-done job.

Thanks so much for everything, as my customer was extremely pleased with the books, and she even said that the books looked better than what they run on their Webpress (they have their own printing plant, but runs of 10,000 are too small for them to run – but that is OK with me, bring them on 🙂